You may contact Hawkwood’s Herald, Lord Roland Wodeman (Rodney Woods), directly by sending a message to:

Awards and Orders

The Barony of Hawkwood Populace Order of Precedence and The Atlantian Order of Precedence includes all the accolades bestowed upon the populace of Atlantia that have been reported to the Clerk of Precedence.

Arms of the Barony of Hawkwood

Blazon: Counter-ermine, a vol Or within a laurel wreath vert.

The Arms (or Device) of the Barony are used to represent the Barony and may be displayed by the reigning Baron and/or Baroness. They can also be displayed by both the Baronial Herald and the Baronial Seneschal, who represent the Baronial Coronets in an official capacity.

Hawkwood’s Populace Badge

Blazon: Per chevron azure and argent, in chief a decrescent Or. chevron azure and argent, in chief a decrescent Or.

The Barony’s badge, unlike the Arms, is used to represent anyone or anything related to Hawkwood. It can be used by anyone to denote affiliation or loyalty to the barony or appear on objects belonging to the Baron

Heraldry Resources

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Helpful Heraldry:


At an event, look for this badge: Vert, two herald’s trumpets in saltire Or.
The person wearing this badge is a Herald and is there to help you with heraldry or heraldic matters