New to the SCA?

If you are new to the SCA, or are just interested in what the heck we’re all about, then welcome! Virtually every group in the SCA, be it a kingdom, a barony, a shire, or canton, has a group officer called the Chatelaine (or Gold Key). It is their pleasure to help guide and assist newcomers to the group. The Chatelaine is your first, best resource and will be very glad to answer any questions you have. Sometimes, male Chatelaines use the term Castellan. You may e-mail Hawkwood’s Chatelaine directly by sending a message to:

The Barony of Hawkwood schedules periodic Newcomer Meetings to assist new members to the Society. Please contact the Chatelaine for information about our next Newcomer Day! In the meantime, the main Society for Creative Anachonism, Inc. website has lots of resources specifically for newcomers including the Newcomer’s Guide to the SCA. Another page with a general overview of some of the aspects in the SCA is