Hawkwood Fighter Practices
Hawkwood Practice Schedules for Armored and Rapier

Practices may be canceled due to whims of weather or other events beyond our control. For up to date info on fighter practices, please reach out to our Knight’s Marshal, Lord Aleksandr Tomasovic ( druzhina.aleksandr@gmail.com )!

Armored and Rapier Practice
We are starting to get back into the swing of things and are now hosting weekly practices again for Heavy Fighters! Weekly gatherings are avaliable for all gentles, both newcomer and old-timer alike, to learn the arts of not getting hit with Very Big Sticks. 🙂 Please see our calender to find the closest practice to you!

A note: Non-fighters are welcome too! Please bring chairs and feel free to bring your latest project to work on. Sunscreen, drinks and snacks are a good idea as well.

Additional Resources for Fighters:
Atlantian Fighters Website. This site contains information pertaining to SCA combat in the Kingdom of Atlantia (the current conventions of combat, the current roster of warranted marshals, announcements from the Earl Marshal, rules for rapier combat, etc.).

The Pain Bank. Primarily, PodCast Interviews with some of the more experienced combatants within the SCA. Discussions delve into their philosophies of fighting, as well as, how they started in the SCA. If you’ve got a few hours to listen to Dukes talk about fighting, this is the site for you!

Armour Archive Combat Forum. This section of the Armour Archive focuses on discussions of the many styles and facets of recreating Medieval armed combat.

Bellatrix Fighting Resource Website. All of Duke Paul of Bellatrix’s fighting manuals online and downloadable.

Atlantian Society for Siege Weapons and Heavy Infantry Projectiles. An official Guild of the Kingdom of Atlantia dedicated to furthering the development, construction, and operation of period siege weapons in the Kingdom, and also supporting the Atlantian Army when it takes the field against Atlantia’s enemies.

Helpful Heraldry:
At a fighter practice or an event, look for either of these badges:

Sable, two swords in saltire Or – or – Sable, two rapiers in saltire Or.

The person wearing one of these badges is either the Heavy Weapons Marshal or the Rapier Marshal and is there to help fighters at practices and/or events.

Another badge to look for is:

Per pale argent and azure, a table sable between three quill pens one and two bendwise sinister counterchanged.

This is the badge of the Minister of the Lists who handles all fighting-related paperwork, including waivers.