The Awards of Hawkwood

Award NameAward BadgeAward Description
Order of the Golden Moon For Service to the group
Order of the Goshawk For Martial activities to the group
Order of the Silver Hawk For A&S to the group
Baronial Award of Excellence 
Award of the Golden Decrescent For a specific Service
Award of the Silver Jess For a specific Martial activity
Award of the Silver Wings of Hawkwood For a specific A&S
Award of the Eyas of Hawkwood For Children
Award of the Hawk’s Aerie For Newcomers
Award of the Fledglings Children’s Award
Baron’s Award of Excellence 
Baroness’ Award of Courtesy 
Award of the Raptor’s Talon For prowess on the list field.
Green Acorn For Children
Award of the Missiliers of Hawkwood For excellence in archery and thrown weapons
Honorary Citizen of Hawkwood