Due to Covid-19 all events are being held online, via Zoom, Youtube, and other applicable sources. 

Our next event will be:
For the entire month of May we are holding an Arts and Sciences celebration! For more information, please see our event’s special site @ The Alchemy of Spring.

Hawkwood Baronial Business meeting: May 5th @ 7pm, on Zoom.

The Alchemy of Spring, being held during the entire month of May, 2021. For more information, please visit the special site for the event, Alchemy of Spring.
Hawkwood Alchemy of Spring Court: May 18 @ 2pm on Zoom

Regarding Minors At SCA Events
You must bring a properly notarized Minor Medical Authorization Form if you are bringing a minor of whom you are not a legal guardian. One copy should be left with the Gate and another in the care of the responsible adult.
Further information and help can be found on this page: http://atlantia.sca.org/offices/seneschal/youths/youth-activities-formsLink to events in the Kingdom of Atlantia