If you have an interest in making scrolls please contact Hawkwood’s Scribal Liaison, Lady Kira Lechuza (Kira Bouchonnet) at: scribe@baronyofhawkwood.org. For award text and further information, please see our Scribal Handbook.

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Order of the Golden MoonFor excellence in service to the Barony
Order of the GoshawkFor excellence in martial activities in the Barony
Order of the Silver HawkFor excellence in Arts and Sciences in the Barony
Baronial Award of ExcellenceAt the discretion of the Baron and/or Baroness
Baron’s Award of ExcellenceAt the discretion of the Baron
Baroness’ Award of CourtesyAt the discretion of the Baroness
Award of the Golden DecrescentFor a specific service to the Barony
Award of the Silver JessFor a prowess in a martial activity
Award of the Raptor’s TalonFor distinguished effort on the martial field
Award of the Missiliers of Hawkwood For distinguished effort in thrown weapons and/or archery
Award of the Silver WingsFor a specific Arts and Sciences activity
Award of the Hawk’s AerieFor newcomers who have enriched the Barony
Award of the FledglingsFor children who have distinguished themselves
Award of the Green AcornChildren’s award
Honorary Citizen of Hawkwood    For those gentles who do not live within Hawkwood, but act and serve as if they do.